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Uriyadi 2 Review



Plot: A dangerous chemical plant which is running in a village that result kills hundreds of people. How does the young man (Vijay Kumar) get justice for his village? Rest of the story form the crux.

What works:

Vijay Kumar has taken the serious issue in the film, which depicts the Sterlite copper plant issue that happened in Tuticorin in recent times.

Music composer Govind Vasantha scored electrifying background score for the film, but it’s over erupting and pounding in theaters.

YouTube sensation fame Sudhakar delivers a convincing performance in this intense political thriller. The film also has hard hitting dialogues that about today’s socio-political climate.

The run-time of the film is a major advantage that helps to keep you in a gripping pace.

What doesn’t:

The romantic portion takes some frames which seem to be forcefully inserted in the film.

Over erupting background score that interrupting some dialogues.

Written by: Vijith Amirthalingam

Rating: 3/5

Verdict: A must watch socio-political thriller which keep you think and after cast your vote for the right person.


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