The grudge 2020 review

A single mom & a detective try to investigate & solve a case concerning a young mom who murders her own family members cold-bloodedly in her own house.

When the case is followed further, it is learnt that the house is cursed by a ghost nursing vengeance that ensures the death of all those who enter the house, resulting in their violent death.

The film’s events take place at the same time as the events & happenings of the 2004 film.
The Grudge is a 2020 American supernatural horror film written and directed by Nicolas Pesce, one of the disappointing movie from the makers. the horrific scene can be done more better. The Major plus point from the movie is art direction team has done fab work which shows a more difference in every scene.

The character intro was done beautifully with in a very short span of time. Even the run time is very less due to the poor writing movies fail create a impact on audience. Aside from the performances, the best aspect of The Grudge (2020) is the creative narrative style. This film cleverly uses the case file to tie the story together. As Muldoon finds more information about the case, rather than have her read out the reports or discuss it with a peer, we are shown what happened via flashback sequences. This makes the backstory much more horrifying and provides a sense of attachment to the victims.

Final word : One time watchable

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