Rambo Last blood Review

Starring:  Adriana BarrazaDíana BermudezJessica MadsenJoaquín CosioLouis MandylorMarco de la OÓscar JaenadaPaz VegaSergio Peris-MenchetaSheila ShahSylvester StalloneYvette Monreal

Director: Adrian Grunberg

Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller, Western

Runtime : 89 min

Stallone’s argument might be to call Last Blood “uncompromising,” This time last blood fails to create impact but it has some worthy scene in the climax portion. In the end credits it has some worthy  moments . The movie makes suffer us for a 50 mins , audience gets into the movie after 50 mins only .However, given the short running length of 89 minutes, that means the payoff is rushed. The expectation in a well-made version of this template is to experience visceral satisfaction when the chief villain is dispatched. This movie was very dark and depressing. It has a simple message stated by Rambo.

Some people have black hearts, and no one can change the world for the better. If you want to believe that, go right ahead. No one asked for an hour long “education” on the horrors of human trafficking (I went to the movies to see an action movie. If you want to know about human trafficking, there are plenty of documentaries covering the subject). Only the final action scene was fun. I doubt anyone would want to see this movie twice. A nearly two hour long action movie shouldn’t have only one major action scene at the end. You could sleep though the whole movie and just watch the last 30 minutes to get all the fun this movie has. No one needs such a long dreary buildup to the action. It is easily the worst Rambo movie.

Final Word : Watch it for Rambo

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