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Mirchi Siva ‘s ‘Sumo’ the film will be released in November

Following the image, Mirchi Siva, Priya Anand, who has acted alongside film “Sumo”. Wales Film International on behalf of the image produced by Dr .. Ishari Ganesh k. S sighting of his maneuvers and the director of this film.
Indo-Japanese film ‘Sumo’ was the first Indian film to be central to the lives of cumokkal. Japan is one of the most difficult to treat in the song and shoot. However, there have conducted major productions shot in 35 days with a massive producer of films Ishari Ganesh image.

Has played a major role in the film Ganesh vitivi. The film’s humor, as usual, Yogi Babu kalaikkattiyullatu old baby until the first mainstream film to be enjoying it.

The film not only as the lead actor Siva is the first screenplay and wrote the verses.

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