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LKG Review



Plot: A Ward Councillor who wants to become the leader of the state. 

RJ Balaji’s LKG is a political satire entertainer canned in the quirky way that makes you laugh out. The film also has some thought-provoking segments, well written by RJ Balaji and his friends and director Prabhu. RJ Balaji keeps the audience engaging with his humor style throughout the film. The main factor is that crafted the film in enjoyable way like current political scenario, atrocities, incidents, memes, trends and Thala, Thalapathy fanaticism that easily connect with the audience. (i.e. An Idli Rs 1 CR ,but here Semolina Upma).

Priya Anand play as Sarala Munusamy Data Analyst for Elections, who gives some political gimmicks to RJ Balaji. Does he succeed? The film also has Indian politician Nanjil Sampath as RJ Balaji’s father (failed politician) at a point; he turns as a good supporter for his son that evinced in emotional way. JK Riteesh play an opposite politician leader who stands in the same area, where RJ Balaji stands. Mayil Swamy and rest of the cast have done their roles well. In the climax, RJ Balaji conveys a message to all. Let see the changes will be made or not in Tamil Nadu. (real not reel.), whatever he said.

Music composer Leon James exposes neat BGM and songs. Crisp run-time that depicts the film from young directors. On the flaw side, JK Riteesh’s gay comedy segments are clumsy in the film.

Toting up, LKG is an entertaining political and an eye opener film, conveys a message in the climax.

Written by: Vijith Amirthalingam

V2Cinemas Rating: 3.5/5


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