Kathiruppor Patttiyal ReviewKathiruppor Patttiyal Review

Kathiruppor Patttiyal Review



The movie starts in Railway Station with a voice over of Makkal Selvan “Vijaysethupathi”. Kathiruppor patttiyal is a usual love story with a lot of comedy segment.

Sachin Mani plays a lead role in the film. He looks very charm throughout the movie, and he has done his role perfectly with a usual body language and his comedy dialogues work out very well.

Nandhita Swetha plays a female lead and her role was very fresh. The romantic portion looks good apart from other portion. There is a lot of comedians in the film such Arunraja Kamaraj, Manobala, Sendrayan , Appu Kutty and others.

The comedy sequence between Sendrayan and Appukutty was enjoyable one. Arul Doss plays as railway inspector in the movie. He traverses throughout the movie, and his role gets more attention from the audiences.

The Manobala role has got the trendomous response from all.He rocked in his scenes. He plays as sex doctor in the movie. The VFX works can be done better. The railway police station scene VFX can be done better.

Director Balaiya D Rajshekar has given a beautiful story with some laughter moments. The major plus to the movie is Sean Roldan’s Music. He has given beautiful songs, and the BGM doesn’t make much impact.

The climax twist is worthy, a perfect plan executed well by the team.

V2Cinemas Rating: 2.75/5

Verdict: A usual love story with the usual twist and some comedies.  



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