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Hobbs and Shaw Review



Hobbs and Shaw isn’t really a Fast and Furious movie, because cars only play a part in it at the end. For the rest of the running time, it’s a cat and mouse game movie with a villain that’s part human, part robot, this means you can’t kill him and also you can’t understand a word he says. Meanwhile, the Shaw of the title is played by Jason Statham, who is also a Cockney and you can’t understand a word he says either. That’s a problem because he has many lines of dialogue in which he banters with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who plays as Hobbs .Hobbs and Shaw hate each other, which of course means they actually love each other, only by the time they figure it out, I guess we learned why they hated each other and loved each other in some Fast and Furious movie, but if that was one of the ones I saw, you know it..

Hobbs and Shaw is the not a continuation of fast and furious, there are so many hilarious dialogues there in movie , the running chase scene and car chase scene are to be applauded , Hobbs and Shaw also has a Kirby who played as slinky triple agent she was also in the part of fall out (mission impossible). Lots of characters are as same as fall out (mission impossible) but this Hobbs and Shaw is far better than fall out (mission impossible) in many ways. It has good humor, emotions and a awful climax at the end.

V2Cinemas Rating: 3.5/5


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