Gundu Movie review

Gundu tamil movie review

Pa Ranjith Second Production venture “Gundu” starring  Attakathi Dinesh ,  Riythvika, Anandhi in the lead role. Directed by the new comer Athiyan Athirai. Music was composed by the new comer Tenma . Gundu deals with the interesting plot which we never seen before in kollywood.

Dinesh the man who suits for the all types of character right from the cuckoo his script selection was unique one such as same this gundu also an Unique one. In this he brings a extraordinary screen performance on this gundu , especailly in the drunk scence he steals the show completely with his impressive performance.

Anandhi has a enough space to score and she delivered a extraordinary performance. The Major highlight of the movie is Tenma Background score, his BGM which keeps you thrill mode. Especially in the pre climax portion background score elevates well. Athiyan Athirai has written a new plot which never seen before in kollywood, apart from this thrill moments it has beautiful love story between the dinesh and Anandhi. Director has balanced both thrill moments and romance portion equally.

Combination scene between Munishkanth and dinesh which makes you laugh at regular intervals, And this climax will be loved by all. And Others actors like John vijay , Rithvika scored at particular place.

V2Cinemas Rating : 4/5

Final Word : Keeps you thrilled till last mintue





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