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Echarikkai Review


Echarikkai- Ithu Manithargal Nadamaadum Idam Review

After the two short films Lakshmi and Maa, Sarjun KM made the attention in the Tamil film industry. He made his debut with Echarikkai- Ithu Manithargal Nadamaadum Idam.

Plot : The two men kidnapped the daughter of a rich man and a retired cop to find out the missing woman.

On the work side Kishore picked up the attention from the audiences. Sathyaraj play as a retired police officer in the film. VaruSarath has delivered the menacing performance. The film theme track (Karma) is elevating the each sequences. As usual Yogi Babu has rocked in the comics portion.  Director Sarjun MK has engrossed an engaging factor right from his short films. He knew the way, how to engaging the audience is that with intense visual tone and background score. Vivek Rajagopal love portions are really lovable one. Priyanka Ravi screenplay’s  has added the extra dose in engaging parameter.

On the flip side, song after the interval block makes tedious to the audiences.The climax is just predictable.

V2Cinemas Rating: 3/5

Veridct: Echarikkai is a solid crime thriller. Director Sarjun MK keeps the engaging parameter in the film.


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